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Patrick Gofre
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- Achmed à la frontière (Achmed at the border), 2005, 3 mn 09 s

Achmed is eager to cross the border and has something to declare: fresh Dutch curly kale. With the kale in his shopping bag he goes looking for the customs office but finds the door locked. There is nobody there, but he is not allowed into the country with his bunch of kale. Still he decides to try his luck.


- Achmed fait ses emplettes (Achmed goes shopping), 2005, 4 mn 04 s

Achmed mistakes an invitation to attend an art exhibition for a supermarket’s publicity folder. In the room full of art he finds supermarket wares set out in a remarkable fashion, but is informed that he must keep his hands to himself. He leaves and sets off to a real supermarket for fresh adventures. 
The “Dirk” bag in the film Achmed fait ses emplettes refers, for example, to some episodes of violence that occurred in supermarkets.


- Achmed attend sa tante (Achmed goes to pick his aunt up), 2005, 7 mn 58 s

Achmed is at Schiphol Airport waiting to pick up his aunt. He has to wait some considerable time and thus wanders, apparently aimlessly, through the Arrivals Hall, between the waiting area and the passenger arrival door. Others, also waiting, cross his path. But is that all that is happening here?


- Achmed à la ferme (Achmed at the farm), 2005, 7 mn 58 s

Standing at a farm fence a group of children is feeding two goats. Achmed joins them and decides to give some grass to the animals, but does not succeed to approach the goats. Frustrated as he is, he jumps over the fence and lands among the goats. Again he tries to feed them.


- Pause-café (Coffee break), 2005, 1 mn 44 s - I.c.w. Marga Houtman

Achmed enters a café, takes a seat, reads the newspaper and enjoys drinking his cappuccino.


- Achmed a le mal du pays (Achmed is homesick), 2005, 2 mn 43 s - I.c.w. Marga Houtman

Achmed is digging a hole on the beach.


- L'hébergement d'Achmed (Achmed's lodging), 2005, 3 mn 08 s - I.c.w. Marga Houtman


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